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Audrey Severson is registered in the Suzuki Method and Music Mind Games. These are ways that music is made fun to learn and become an enjoyable lifetime passion instead of an arduous academic exercise. Enjoyable piano lessons will last a lifetime!



Midlothian, Va

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Audrey Severson is a local piano teacher in the Midlothian, VA area who desires to bring the gift and enjoyment of music into the lives of children and adults. 

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About Audrey

Audrey Severson has a BA in Music from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro School of Music.  She has received teacher training from Mary Craig Powell, an internationally known teacher, during her Suzuki Teacher Training at Capital University Conservatory of Music in Columbus, Ohio, the Colorado Suzuki Institutes in Beaver Creek and Snowmass, Colorado, and the International Music Festival in Berea, Ohio. Additionally, she is registered to teach Music Mind Games, a game-oriented, interactive approach to theory training.

She possesses a strong interest in music and desires to pass on this enthusiasm to her students.  Audrey has served as pianist for churches in Maryland, Ohio, and North Carolina. Audrey works well with children of all ages.

Ms. Severson enjoys performing with her sister, Ashley, a violinist.  Audrey takes pleasure in attending concerts in the Midlothian, VA area with family and friends as often as possible.

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What I Teach

  ​As one who has been under musical instruction for the greater part of my growing up years, I have experienced many different forms of teaching.  Naturally, this put me on a quest to find a teaching philosophy which was well rounded and considered the needs of the child and their learning styles.  

Internalizing music through listening, furthered by training the talent the child has been given from birth, are primary aspects to the Suzuki method of teaching.  In addition, fundamentally working in a triangle of teacher, student, and parent is an essential aspect to teaching which considers the child above all else.

Though primarily focused on the Suzuki method of teaching, some traditional aspects of teaching, namely sightreading, are filtered in very early on in the child's education.

In addition, Music Mind Games curriculum is used during music theory class to help internalize concepts such as rhythm, note reading, musical symbols and terms, solfege, dictation, and much more!

Parental Involvement

Key principles of the Suzuki method include active parental involvement (parents are the daily practice partners), starting at an early age, listening to recordings, repetition, encouragement, individual and music theory classes (attendance at music theory classes are an integral part of their musical education), learning a graded repertoire and delaying the reading of music until the student is mentally and physically ready.

Lesson Fees and Schedule


30 minute weekly private lessons, one monthly group class and quarterly Play Fests: $160.00


45 minute weekly private lessons, one monthly group class and quarterly Play Fests: $235.00


60 minute weekly private lessons, one monthly group class, and quarterly Play Fests: $310.00

Payment is expected for the upcoming month at the last lesson of each month.

What is included in the Private Lesson?

​The private lesson is broken down into two parts: instruction time at the piano and Music Mind Games.

What are Group Classes?

Group class is an integral part of the vision I have for each student and each class is built upon the previous class.  In a fun and stimulating way, not only does each group class teach different aspects of performance, music history and additional theory concepts, but I seek to reinforce previously introduced concepts,.  Each student is individually inspired by their fellow students, solidifying different aspects of their education in each of their own minds, while students inspire and build each other's confidence as they give each other positive reinforcement of performance skills to each.  This is a vital part of their education and is the reason why attendance at group class is so important to every student.

What are Play Fests?

Play Fests are recitals with a twist.  Not only is this event an opportunity for performance, it is followed by music theory games in a group setting while providing fellowship for both parents and students alike.

Piano Tuning/Moving Referral

Piano Tuner - Mike Breakall: 804-482-1286

Piano Mover - Famous Jerry Piano Moving: 804-712-0986

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